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Our Deepest Beauty comes from within

Beautiful swimsuits, jewelry, and accessories for today's modern bohemian goddesses

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Be your true self

Once you connect with your inner light, and actually recognize your true self, you realize the depth of beauty, wisdom, and love that has always been within you. Rest in stillness to explore your inner world and to awaken to the river of joy and peace that resides within you.

Join the Mantrababe Community

We are a community of lightworkers and modern bohemian goddesses who seek to awaken to our higher purpose, to shine our inner light, spread love and understanding, and to raise the vibration of humanity and our planet. We seek to live consciously and from the space of truth and universal love and connectedness.

Your Heart Contains Your True Beauty

We pursue true beauty, which lies within our spiritual heart. Unconditional love, joy, and peace are the hallmarks of true, unfaltering, and everlasting beauty. We express ourselves as who we really are- beautiful and radiant beings of pure love and light.