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Visits from Mourning Doves after Beginning to Channel

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I recently purchased an online spiritual channeling course and started working on it about a week ago. The first few days were somewhat uneventful and just involved me passively viewing and taking in the video instruction on how to call in your guides, ask for protection, and begin to channel. It wasn't until I did my own shortened version of the channeling process that I started experiencing something that resembled channeling. Per the instructions, I asked for my angels to protect me and invited my highest, most loving, and easiest channeling guides. Since I wasn't sure who those guides were for me yet, I just used what I felt comfortable with and copied some of what the instructors used. In light of my Christian background, I invited my Lord and Savior Jesus, Archangel Michael, and any of my other highest, most loving, kindest, and easiest channelling guides to come forth. Once invited, I asked for the highest, best, and easiest channelling guide for me at that time to step forward and to introduce itself. Once I said "Greetings" (first out loud, and then on my second channeling session, I said internally), I asked which guide stepped forward and the guide answered that it was Jesus. At this point, I really wasn't sure if I was imagining this or not, but I decided to just go with it and see what happened. So I asked, "How do I know this is really Jesus?" And he answered, "You will believe whatever you want to believe, and whatever you choose to believe." After a few more back and forth questions and answers, I started to feel a deep sense of love and gratitude for Jesus, and started telling him that I loved him, to which he answered "I love you too." I thanked him for always being there for me (as I have always felt a sense of comfort and safety with Jesus' name and presence since becoming Christian in middle school. He reassured me that he was always with me, will always be with me, and loves me profoundly." Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I felt a closeness and a sense of peace.

On the second channeling session, the next day, I did the same thing and Jesus stepped forth as my highest and best channelling guide. This time, in addition to exchanging how much we loved each other and my expression of gratitude for his presence, he also left me with some specific answers and advice. When I asked him if I could ever "see" him (as in any visual appearances), he reminded me that he doesn't have a physical form on his own, as he is the creative energy behind everything, and that I could "see" him when looking at his creation- such as when I look at the eyes of my beautiful children, at a flower, at the birds, and all of his creation/our creation. He reminded me that I can "see" him when I look into myself and that we are all connected from the same creative force behind everything. When I asked him for any words of love or wisdom that he could give me for that day, he asked me to be very present in every little action that I did that day. And that advice stuck with me all throughout the day, and I had one of most awareness and mindfulness that I had ever experienced, and it was a very pleasant and beautiful thing. 

On the third channeling session (which was this morning), Jesus again came to me as my channelling guide and after the now usual exchange of love and gratitude, I asked him if I had to "let him go" or if I could have his presence stay with me all throughout the day. He said that he could definitely stay with me throughout the day, even after the official "closing" of the channelling session, and that led to something a little more interesting. We started talking about the idea of letting him completely, without exception, use my life as a channel for his purposes. He asked me if I was completely sure and willing to surrender my life (my mind and body and whatever else constitutes "me") for his purposes. And I agreed without hesitation. I figured that I couldn't go wrong by letting this Higher Being of Love and Light and Son of God (for goodness sakes) take control of my life. So we made the agreement and we closed the channelling session. Well, the most interesting thing happened today after making that pact. While my toddler and I were playing in the backyard, the finches and other birds who normally come to peck at the birdfeeder didn't scatter away like they normally do, but rather they didn't appear to be the least bit afraid of us. This was very unusual compared to their normal behavior for the past few months after putting the bird feeder up. In addition, there was this other bird, which I recognized as either a partridge or a dove (I'm no bird expert) hanging around the yard, who normally doesn't come around. He (or she) was lingering on the ground in the driveway, then up in the tree above us, then back down. He made a very specific hoo-hoo sound, which startled my toddler, prompting him to ask "Mommy, what was that?" I answered that it was a bird and that it sounded like an owl. The bird then flew down to the ground right in front of us without looking the least bit scared. About an hour later, again in the backyard, I saw a tiny hummingbird continually fluttering around me, almost coming to me, a butterfly flying around me, and then I saw a pair of those hoo-hooing birds just sitting on my back deck- just hanging out. It was so out of the ordinary and appeared to be such an obvious symbol or sign, that I had to google the "sound of a partridge" and then "sound of a dove" and realized that these were indeed doves- actually Mourning Doves. When looking up the spiritual meaning of doves, I learned that these birds can be messengers from the divine realm, messengers of the Holy Spirit, and symbols for peace, purity, and new beginnings. As much of a skeptic that I've believed myself to be, even I can't deny the magnificence of this sign from the divine. Thank you Jesus!

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